So remember how we were talking about beauteous rainy day wedding ceremonies? Well get ready, because the other side of that coin is rainy day wedding portraits (or any rainy day portraits for that matter). And man, oh, man do we have fun with portraits when the sky is drizzling. So much fun in fact that we use some of our rainy day back-up ideas when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

Wedding portrait Seattle's Arctic Club.Alexis Hotel fun wedding portraits.We’ve got some superrad bars in this town that make for superfun portraits. The Arctic Club’s Polar Bar and the Alexis Hotel’s Bookstore Bar just to name a couple.

Arctic Club rainy wedding day bridal portrait.Rainy day wedding portrait idea entrance awning.Covered entrances and glass awnings are awesome cover for rainy day portraits. We love when you can see the rain droplets though the glass too!Rainy day wedding portrait in restaurant.Sweet, fun, beautiful portraits can be made tucked away inside a restaurant, cafe, or antique store. Which opens up all those Fall/Winter/Spring weekends as wedding date possibilities!Fun indoor portrait for rainy day.Fun indoor portrait ideas antique shop.Portraits through windows, great rainy day idea.Um, reflections are such a perk of indoor portraits where there’s a big glass window or outdoor portraits with a rainy day puddle.Puddle reflection portrait rainy day ideas.Unique ideas for rainy day portraits.Oh hey, even construction scaffolding can offer protection from the drizzle-y skies and can look super cool at the same time.Rainy day wedding portraits idea under cute little bridge.Bridges big and small are abundant in our fair city.Rainy day wedding portraits under overpass bridge.Exterior hallways for rainy day portrait.Hallways, both exterior and interior can offer protection from the weather while adding a graphic element.Interior graphic hallways for rainy day portrait.Umbrellas for couple for rainy day wedding portraits.And of course, there’s the tried and true…UMBRELLAS!!!! Umbrellas are so much fun, just remember that if you opt for a color scheme outside of black, white, or clear they can cast a color, so tip your brelly back to get some natural light on your face while still being protected from the rain.Bridal party portrait with umbrellas for outdoor rainy day wedding.Fun bride and groom umbrella portraits on rainy wedding day outside Seattle's Volunteer Park Conservatory.Sweet wedding day portrait under umbrella.See? Now you’ll never fear the weather forecast again!