Meet Laurel

(a.k.a. TOP 10 FACTS)

Seattle photographer Laurel McConnell

1. I am very proud of my “tacky fridge magnet collection,” which includes magnets from all over this planet.

2. I order my martinis “super extra dirty, like {name of a certain blonde lady grunge rocker from the 90’s}.”

3. My favorite part about lunch is the pickle that comes with the sandwich, and I’m addicted to Tim’s Cascade Jalapeno Chips and can’t stop until the entire bag is empty. It burns so good.

4. My world halts for X-Files reruns. Side fact: I acted in the video game and even have a page on IMDB.

5. I LOVE PRANKS. Just peep on my personal Facebook page and you’ll find the evidence.

6. I find it amusing that the internet thinks that videos of goats yelling are so rad. I raised goats in 4-H as a kid (not punny), and goats yelling was NOT rad; it’s obnoxiously loud. They are however super intelligent and hilarious beings, and I am thankful we had the little farm in So Cal that we did.

7. I am endlessly entertained by my two silly Siamese cats who are named Sir Marmaduke of Meowmingham and Princess Esmerelda Flufflycheeks. The ridiculous the better, right?

8. I do the most entertaining Spider Dance, and it’s likely you’ll witness this phobic, reactionary performance if we’re shooting under trees. It’s okay to laugh; I would. Which brings us to the next fact…

9. Like a good Seattleite, I went to the University of Washington, was on my way to a PhD for abnormal psych, and was even on the ski team. Ask me later about why I decided to <insert record scratch> start over and go to art school. Being an artist has taught me how to make a bajillion vegetarian ramen dishes.

10. I went to commercial photography school and learned this craft on a Hasselblad 20 years ago, working in the pitch black dark for hours on end developing my own film and prints by hand. I still get sappy when I hear the “kerplunk-chunk” the camera makes or catch a whiff of the sour-sulfur chemistry.

PRODUCTION CREDITS // image courtesy Satya Curcio