On May 13th, Nikki and Chris welcomed their very first baby boy into the world. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph them for their engagement on the campus of the University of Washington, at their wedding at the Woodmark Hotel, when Nikki had a cute-happy little belly a couple of month ago, and then just recently when baby Zachary was born. I just love how they told everyone that they were going to be parents: for Christmas cards this year they had someone take a picture of them while they were on vacation, and they were holidng a sign that said “It’s a Boy!” They sent these cards to all of their friends and family to announce that they were going to be having a baby, and what a surprise would that be in your mailbox! This picture is on his book shelf, which holds classic books like Goodnight Moon, his closet is full of wonderful new sports and nautical outfits (complete with a UW vs. Notre Dame theme!!), and his crib is full of stuffed friends and sports. There’s no doubt of the exitement of his awaited arrival, and now he’s finally here!