In March, Melanie and Carl welcomed their very first little baby boy into the world. Meet Declan during his first week in Seattle.


My favorite part of new babies is their sweet little baby lips. So cute and sweet and pouchy in all the right places.undefined

Who doesn’t love all of the cute little faces babies make as they’re learning what it’s like to be in the world? Sweet Declan was sleeping, and just trying out face after face.undefined

When photographing babies (and kids, and dogs for that matter) it’s a whole lot of waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for the food cycle, the diaper cycle, then finally, the sleep cycle. The funniest part about shooting babies is all of the, um, things that come out of the nether region- I don’t keep track anymore of how often I’m peed or pooed on (or my lenses get peed on… those boys, they shoot far, you see!). There was both during this shoot… but we won’t tell you any more about that. No sense in embarrassing this cute lil boy.undefinedundefinedMelanie looked so beautiful just days after giving birth. No doubt there wasn’t much sleeping happening in this household that first week!undefinedundefinedI’ve never seen such a dedicated papa. Carl sat in the rocker and held Declan til he fell asleep for some more shots- he was shusssssshhhhing the entire time. Melanie and I laughed at how funny it was at the time, but his rhythmic sh-sh-shhhh sh-sh-shhhh did the trick! undefinedCongratulations, you two! I thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and photograph you through such fun milestones over the last few years! Cheers to you both, you’ll make wonderfully supportive, attentive, and loving parents!!