(I thought the title was kinda funny 😉 )

Recently, a client came to me with an interesting situation- she needed to send out over 200 cards announcing the birth of her new baby. She wanted to do something involving the adorable picture session we had just done, but then I started to think about how costly it would be for her to have 200 custom-designed cards made, plus sending them out at 39 cents apiece, plus writing in each and every one… The kid would be three before her project would be done!

The lightbulb went on in my head, and voila! Custom designed POSTCARDS!!!!

Since they require less paper and ink, 4×6″ cards are only 24 cents to mail, and we could still have the option of custom designing the front AND back of the card, this was the perfect solution to her large project.

So now we have Custom Announcement Cards in the standard 4×6 or the large, impressive 5×8″(larger sizes are regular postage, though), custom designed by yours truly. We can order them in multiples of 100, or 250, or 500, or more, and they can be finished with a glossy coating or with a great matte coating. The reverse side can have another custom design ready for sending, or can be blank. These would be super handy for Save the Date Cards, Baby Announcements, Moving Annoucements, Holiday Postcards, and just about anything else you could possibly think of!

Here are some of the cute ideas we came up with!