a couple eat colorful stacks of ice cream for their wedding portrait

catherine and mike cuddle with their colorful ice cream cones for this wedding photography

It’s Catherine and Michael’s anniversary. They’re photographers here in Seattle, and I love them, their late-night Pictionary parties, and our silly Twitter conversations.vintage pinstripe suit and hip shoes and a bride with a short ivory wedding dress

His vintage pinstripe suit, tapestry bow-tie, and pink gingham dress shirt were the perfect accessories for these amazing shoes and pink striped socks. DANG boy. You’ve got style. Let’s not forget Catherine’s super cute short and flirty ruffled ivory dress and adorable turquoise platforms. Vavavoom, chickie!modern b&w wedding photography of couple snuggling and canoodling

vintage wedding photography in seattle

Queen Anne is the best. Especially when the evening light peeks through the old city trees.black and white landscape of trees and a couple during their anniversary portrait

sun flare and smooching

modern vintage photography in seattle

Jenny Bowker was our stylist on this shoot. She did a fantastic job with the tousled, romantic pin curls and Catherine’s shimmery makeup.stunning woman with dark hair in pin curls and sun lens flare

This next series was a super cute one. Just you wait…. this shoot was also for a project we’re doing with Edit 1 Media, and the footage they got in this garden was pretty dang breathtaking. Just you wait…flirty pictures of a couple in a garden for wedding pictures

portraits of a short white dress and vintage pinstripe suit and tandem bike bicycle in seattle for wedding photography

Anne Bradfield with Floressence did an amazing job pulling together a bouquet and boutonniere last minute-like for me. These included yellow ranunculus, white poppies, white sweet peas, some pods, mini-hydrangea things, and some other really amazing flowers that I totally can’t pronounce/spell the name of! Maybe if we’re nice she’ll list the names in the comments at the bottom of this post… And yes, this is Michael & Catherine’s tandem vintage Schwinn! It’s super amazing, yeah?modern yellow ranunculus boutonniere and white poppy bouquet in a vintage schwinn bike basket

couple snuggling in the grass for portraits

laughing sitting cross-legged

Congratulations on making to another anniversary. I am so glad to have met you two, and it makes me all warm and fuzzy to think I may know you for many many more of them! Cheers, friends!!!holding hands with sun flare and lens flare