This is the other side of my family.  While down to visit with my Dad’s side, my sister and I were lucky enough to be able to see our grandparents again (on our mom’s side).  They took us to dinner at Vics, the town diner in Paso Robles, CA.  I swear it’s the local hangout for the old folks- they ran into 3 friends. I think they like it, when they “run into friends” with their grandkids.


One of my favorite treats when I visit. I can’t find Firestone up here in Seattle.



Bud and Marie, old ranchers and cow folk at heart. The live on top of this one hill in Paso, and have been since the beginning of time. Granddad used to be a police officer in town, and Gramma worked at the cable company- everyone knows them, it’s ridiculous. We can’t go anywhere without them running into ten people on the street they know.  Small towns…. ha.


Lovely. Adorable.


Not so adorable: the boar in their living room. Granddad likes to hunt, and as a kid, there would sometimes be game hanging in the driveway when we arrived from our 3 hour drive from down south. And we wonder why I’m a vegetarian…. This boar was SO scary when we were kids, he used to pick us up and hold us so we could pet it, then it wouldn’t be so scary.090819_0129

Riiiight. Notice how I’m just shy of eye level to the boar now. Not so scary after all, are you, Mister Boar-y-boar-erson?!


They tell the best stories. I don’t remember what this one was about, but I liked the way she smiled just then.


Apparently when we put our cowboy hats on we reminisce about the “good ol’ days.” Note the cell phone in his pocket. Smooth granddad. You’re so hip. Just blowin’ up, huh?!


My beautiful mommala Chris and her beau Jim, in the yummy California evening light. (oh gosh, when people are, eh-hem, mature, do they always color-coordinate?!  Good grief, mom…)


Jazz, our boxer. I remember when she was just one year old. She likes to bury things in the back yard for when she thinks you’ll REALLY need them (like my mom’s lint brush and my energy bars stolen right out of my xmas stocking. Don’t worry, she’ll bring them back when SHE thinks you need them, totally unharmed but just a little dirty. No joke!). Jazz is a little grey around the muzzle these days, but boy does she still “get her crazy on.” You don’t want to mess with this one… boxers are INSANELY scary looking when they put on their “Play Face” yet wouldn’t hurt a fly. If you have one, you totally know what I mean!

Love you guys, see you all around Christmas time or so for the annual trip