Been sitting on this one for a couple of months, and it’s finally time to share!
An interview for the photography magazine Rangefinder about social media, twitter, facebook, wppi, and wedding photography
Y’all know how much fun we photographers have at WPPI, right? Well, this is the WPPI wrap-up issue of Rangefinder Magazine. It’s a good one to read if you are considering going to WPPI and just don’t know where to start since it’s like, so dang huge and there’s so dang much to do and learn while you’re there. I was ELATED to hear that Nikon and the writers at Rangefinder wanted to chat about my take on social media and WPPI. We talked about Twitter, Facebook, blogging while there, finding your voice, and WPPI in general. It tickles me that they think I’m a social butterfly. Okay then, I’ll take it and run with it ;).

Grab a copy, and let me know if I get to see you there next year! I’m already planning out my wardrobe 😉