We’ve been pretty busy over here lately with all things luluweddings.com, gethitchedgivehope.com, and mcconnellphoto.com…. so busy in fact that our Cupcake Thursday shoots have fallen by the wayside yet once again. We’ve been a-scheming, and coming up with some fun ideas, just haven’t had a solid 4 hours to shop & shoot & edit & post it!

The lovely Eliza knows all things AWESOME and RANDOM and INTERNET, and found this little gem. Johnny Cupcakes is my BRANDING AND MARKETING idol- his graphics, his business model, his statement- it’s so concrete it hurts. And he doesn’t even make cupcakes.

Without further ado, a little Cupcake Thursday inspiration in the form of Kamp Grizzly’s CUPCAKE CANNON. Pretty sure I’ve never heard of anything that could be more epically awesome in my life. Just watch.

Don’t be surprised if you see the nation’s largest cupcake fight surface as one of the next CT posts. Now… if I can only find a field we could shoot in and 150 volunteer warriors.

And about 20 dozen cupcakes.