If you’ve been following along, you already know lots and have seen lots.

white siamese mix kittens on a white couch with a huge blue  balloon

Now that I’m a grownup (guffaw), Jonny and I found it was time to bring some lovin’ into our lives. So off we went, kitty shopping at all of the shelters in our neighborhood. We met old cats, young cats, shy cats, and onry cats. And yes, I’m totally allergic to cats (and mold and dustmites and trees and pollen and grass and Lima beans. Jokes on the Lima beans part. They’re not that bad.)

It was on Pet Finder that I found these two little gems. I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t already been snatched up by some perfect, loving family. So cute and so fuzzy, and so ready to be adopted after their stint in a King County Animal Control foster care home (and lovely one at that! Thanks Rita & Doug!!!!).

Meet Esmeralda and Marmaduke!!! When they’re in trouble, though, they {{dont’t really}} answer to Duke and Ez.

Below: their first week home. They’re now 5-6 months (pictured above with the blue balloon), and I can’t believe how much they’ve changed!

adopted siamese tabby kittens and pink string siamese tabby kitten with blue eyes swatting pink ribbon

These little guys are most likely Siamese Tabby mixes. And yes, they’re VERY easy to tell apart when you meet them!!!  So, if you happen to have a little extra room for some purrs and kisses in your life, please head over to your local PAWS, animal shelter, or Animal Control (Pet Finder posts ads from all these). There are so many wonderful whiskers and noses out there just waiting for a fresh start!!

And no, we didn’t let them eat the balloon ribbon. Don’t worry; they are trouble-prone and get into so much mischief, we watch them like HAWKS!