On a lovely crisp wintery day, Ruth, Brian, and Sammy (their cute little dog) and I went to explore one of our favorite parks in Seattle, Golden Gardens. We had such a great time- we started by walking around with Sammy, and ended with some greasy, greasy fries and warm hot chocolate. Ruth and Brian and the gorgeous sunshine were all such great sports as we roamed through the beach, the grove of trees, sat by the Bathhouse, and then walked over to Coney Island for our snacks.

I love crisp winter days- the sky is such a deep, vibrant blue, the sun is low in the sky all day long, and the air is refreshing. On the other hand, I sure do like it when it’s 70 degrees and light more than 6 hours during the day, so I don’t mind that we won’t be seeing many more of these days 🙂

They’ll be moving back to Ruth’s home state of Hawaii in August, so it was only fitting for them to get married in Honolulu this September! To keep their island and continental guests informed of the plan, they’ve put together a wedding website with ewedding.com (a MUST for weddings where a large percentage of your guests are from out of town!). I wish I was able to go with- I know these two will have SUCH a fun fun wedding!!

Thanks, Ruth and Brian and Sammy, for taking me to Golden Gardens to explore for the day!!! I’m so glad to have met you guys and was honored to create your engagement guest book for you. Have an unforgettable time at your wedding, and good luck with your big move!!