I propose that each and every Tuesday be Cupcake Tuesday!


Last week, my trusty production manager Lily (she likes it when I give her a shout out on the blog, HI LILY!), went to our fav local cupcakery, Trophy Cupcakes. With promises of returning with a peanut butter and choco cupcake, I was excited. I’m not a huge sweets fan, but I can’t resist a good peanut butter-related yum.

The disappointment seeped from her face as she walked back through the studio door 30 minutes later with a small white and blue box tucked under her arm. They were out of PB & C. So instead, she got me a PB & J.

“WHAT? Peanut butter and jelly cupcake?Um….” I state. She replies, “Would I ever lead you astray?” I say no.

So I hesitantly licked the top, testing this interesting confection in front of me.

Succulent strawberries and sweet peanut butter explosions blinded my tastebuds as I devoured 3/4 of it in one bite. Yes, one very large bite (hence one very large tummy ache 15 minutes later). Sheer genius, all in one little paper cup.

Thank you, Trophy Cupcakes, for making such a cake. With it’s peanut butter and strawberry frosting (it tasted JUST like the real thing!) and a white cake with a surprise of real PB inside, and a dollop of real jam on top waiting for discovery under the frosting, it was perfection.