Boy did Joey have Lauren fooled. He had her convinced that he “wasn’t the marrying type.”  In fact, just the other day when he had called her parents to ask for their blessings, Lauren’s mom confessed that Lauren had confided, ” Mom, I’ve graduated college and now I have a Big Girl Job. What more do I have to do to get him to marry me?”

That was precisely when he knew his timing was right for a surprise proposal on their Christmas vacation to Seattle.

Joey calls me for a little help, and at just the right moment, off Lily and I went with 4 dozen rose petals to one of Seattle’s most iconic locations: Post Alley in Pike’s Place Market. It was one of the wettest days of the month, no doubt!

Among raindrops and fellow vacationers, down on one knee he went.  And the rest is history. This is definitely ONE New Year’s Eve to remember!

Congratulations, you two! Lily and I are so glad to have been there for such a great moment in your lives and love telling your story!