the space needle peeking though the fret-like art at the seattle centerAfter a short conversation, I hang up the phone. There it is. Butterflies in my stomach and shakes in my hand- this is the exciting stuff photographers dream of. I’m about to photograph one of the biggest moments of a couples lives together: the proposal.
Amar lives in Vancouver B.C. and Joyti lives here. After what must seem like ages to them with the back-and-forth that comes with dating long distance, they’re going to be together for reals. He made dinner reservations, got the ring made, and confidently set out to ask his love to be his for forever. I will never know what was said out there, but it sure was sweet to witness.a man is proposing to his girlfriend on one kee at the space needlehe's putting the ring on her finger at the seattle space needleAnd boy DID WE witness. Hearing my feverish clicks, some behind me gasps, “Look what’s happening! Let’s go out there!!” To my amazement, a surprise, spontaneous, flash-mob-style Glee moment unfolded when the Varsity Blue Choir from Grangeville Highschool in Idaho started crooning a cappella Little Anthony & The Imperials “I Think I’m Goin Out Of My Head.”  Things like this only happen in the movies. Disney movies.a choir serenades a newly engaged couple atop the seattle space needle, flash mob style

We had a few minutes before their planned dinner reservations at the Space Needle (that was the guise all along, you see!), so we romped around the Seattle Center for a few final images to make their proposal photography complete. selective focus of a couple on the space needle decka sweet portrait of the newly engaged couple on the seattle center observation deck, next to a telescopeurban engagement photography at the seattle monorail platform

A big ol’ congrats to you both. It was wonderful being nervous with you, pretending with you, squealing with you, recapping with you, and of course, watching it all go down. Cheers to love. And you. And the rain and Space Needle and all of it!!!a newly engaged couple kisses under the space needle at dark