Two weeks ago, my email inbox pinged. It was Brandie, asking about wedding photography for their celebration at The Quarry in Mt. Vernon, which their friends lovingly refer to as Narnia. She shared her and Grant’s story with me, showing me their wedding website they’d built with all the fun details. She was so excited.

Imagine my surprise when Grant emails me just the other day, stating that he was going to officially propose and wanted to have me there to capture it all! They’ve known each other for YEARS, and have known that they were going to get married for a while now, I mean they built a wedding website and everything! The last piece to the puzzle was Brandie’s ring. It arrived from Blue Nile a couple of days before, and little did she know, he was going to lead her on a wild goose chase made of fibs, fake phone calls, and secret texts to go pick up her ring at the Fed Ex office. Alas, there WAS no box at Fed Ex for her, so what is one to do except go spend the sunset at the Space Needle? Random, right? But hey, we all have our random moments. By this time, Brandie was getting a little suspicious, but just a little.

Up in the elevator they went, Grant touching his pocket to make sure the box safe and sound. He waited for just the right moment, as the crowd cleared a tiny bit, giving him enough room to drop to one knee. The crowd went wild, liiterally, with whoops, hollers, clapping, and banging on the windows! The whole needle was a shakin’ with excitement and noise!!!!

marriage proposal atop the space needle in seattlesilhouette of engagement portrait couple

After all the hoopla died down, Grant started to explain some of the back story, and we chatted about the moments leading up to the big question. My worst nightmare came true as a surprise proposal photographer– I had been spotted before the proposal! Brandie actually recognized me hiding out on the observation deck since she’d been to my website already!!! She brushed it off as a coincidence or case of mistaken identity until she realized Grant was actually proposing, and then she put two & two together.engagement portrait atop the space needle in seattle

They were local celebrities for the next hour as folks recognized them as “the kids who got engaged on top of the Space Needle!engagement portraits at the space needle in seattle

And then a genius idea hit me like a Mack truck. Barbie doesn’t have a proposal facedown for her website,!!! Brandie and Grant were all too eager to participate!

The EMP/SF Museum, designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, is so beautifully lit at night.

Congratulations!!!! You two crazy cats are so cute together, and I had sooooo much fun getting to hang out with you on one of the most memorable days of your lives!!!!!!