I am so excited for Kelly and Chris- I’ve known this girl for what, 6 years or something? We’ve grown our businesses side by side- she’s a fabulous wedding and event planner in Texas that I met while working a corporate shoot up here in Seattle waaaay back.  And now she has a baby!


In the end of April, she and Chris welcomed Carson into their lives, and I was just itching to get a peek at the little guy (after all, he’d HAVE to be cute if Kel and Chris were his ‘rents!).

In the end of June, they made the trek up to Seattle to visit family, friends, and show off their new bundle.






Thanks for coming up, guys, and thanks Carson for christening the new couch! A baby boy photoshoot isn’t a successful one ’til the baby pees, after all! (I think this is the third time I’ve been peed on…so no worries guys, REALLY, it’s OKAY!!! That’s why god made Chlorox wipes!  We should call him “Shooter” from now on….)