Dear Gretchen and Joe,

Thank you for the super fun day that we went to the island, ran around in the water, drank some beers, and made some fun pictures. And especially thank you for the hilarious dog photobombs. As you know, it doesn’t take much to entertain this girl right here, and she was thoroughly entertained.

Love, me.


And now, for some super sweet relaxed photos from their beach-side engagement shoot on an island in our gorgeous home, the good ol’ Pacific Northwest. Complete with driftwood huts made of… driftwood (a.k.a. the Hipster Hut), some beautiful smiles, fly fishing equipment, hunting pups, and of course, an dirty photobomb.

Oh, c’mon man. We were having such a beautiful engagementy-shoot type of moment. Then… ‘plop.’ And as a result… hysterical laughter. 😉

Congrats on finding each other, and through your love of dogs at that! I can’t wait to see how your big celebration on the houseboat will be… I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a raucous good time. Can we say…. party barge and food trucks? mmmmmm.