Over the last few months, myself and five other gals in the wedding industry have been busy preparing for a very important and exciting announcement. Of all the shenanigans, one super fun task was to get some fun headshots of everyone involved. Last spring and fall, we did Keri’s (Bliss Events) and Kelly’s (Sweet Pea Events), and now it was Barbie’s (Barbie Hull Photography), Eliza’s (Eliza Truitt Photography), and Michelle’s (Mmm Paper)turn!!! (I hope the girl don’t kill me for posting our favorite bloopers, goodness knows there are enough of those of ME floating around the internet! 😉_abc3382.jpg_abc3367.jpg080215_0005.jpg080215_0091.jpg080215_0171.jpg080215_0230.jpgSo, I guess my point is… stay tuned for a very important and very exciting announcement! We should be able to blab in a couple of weeks! And if you already know… keep spreading the gossip for us 🙂