On a super sunny spring May day, Kelly and Erik tied the knot at the historic and beautifully unfinished St. Mark’s Cathedral up on Capital Hill (the story is quite interesting as to why it’s unfinished, it should be on their site. Link below).  Their reception party followed at the yummy Farestart Cafe. If you’ve never been for lunch, or aren’t in the know, this place is AWESOME.  GREAT food (for veggies and meat eaters alike!), celebrity guest chefs from Seattle’s top restaurants are featured, and they help our community by giving folks a chance to get on their feet and teach them how to work in the restaurant industry!

Kelly and Erik embrace downtown and South Lake Union- they’ve been on many dates down at Pike’s Place (their favorite Friday evening date spot is the Pink Door!) and live in the up and coming South Lake Union neighborhood, so it was only natural to gravitate toward these areas and attempt a whirlwind of fun stops on the way to their ceremony and reception!!




The scene of the “Pike’s Place Alley Showdown:” Just moments before the man in the background on the bike (can’t hardly see him unless I point him out) started screaming at me at the top of his lungs: he fell off his bike in the middle of the cobblestone road as a delivery truck was barreling toward us all as I was moving his drunk and bleeding self + bike out of the path of danger.  Next time I just may let the truck hit you, mean mean drunk belligerent man. Ahh, never a dull moment at Pike’s Place Market on a hot Saturday…. it was definitely worth a good laugh!!!!


Of course, our favorite shot of the day!!!


Major hugs to all of my brides with rad shoes…. LOVE these pink sassies!


Right after this we were told by the police that the people upstairs are watching us and want us to stop shooting in front of a federal building. Probably didn’t help that their driver was in a black, tinted Suv, parked in a tow zone while there was plenty of free parking across the street! Thanks to the nice policewoman for letting us hang out for another quick 5 minutes!






I could just fold this kid in two and stick him in my pocket. SO cute.



During ceremonies at this particular church, all photography is strictly banned after the processional, until AFTER the kiss and they start to walk down the aisle (and when I say STRICTLY, I mean it.  Just ask other photographers who have shot there, and you’ll get an earful! Winks miss C.B.!!).  So we played a little game of Peeping Tom and snuck shots through the half inch crack of the sanctuary doors (which was totally within the rules!).









The story behind this next image: For Erik’s groom’s gift, Kelly had picked up a gorgeous turquoise belt buckle on one of their travels quite a while ago.  A really good friend of theirs happens to be a very talented jeweler (check out their rings later! he’s laughing in the background), so Kelly asked him to rework the buckle so that it would fit this beautiful and classy heavy metal flask.  The result was gorgeous (and came in mighty handy throughout the day!).



Erik said this about his ring when we were getting to know each other over truffle popcorn and dirty martinis after their engagement shoot : “And yeah! There’s room all the way around my ring to put the birthstones of ALLLL of our kids!” and then he started rattling off some REALLY high numbers, until Kelly promptly cut him off.  This was all news to her!


I don’t think I have ever heard as touching of a toast as the one delivered by this little guy, one of the adorable ring bearers.  Read his beautiful poem below…. he got a standing ovation at this party like none I’ve ever seen!



That is all for now…. more to come in a couple of days! (and then one more final post after that…. it’s worth the wait!)

Fabulous Vendors that made their dream gathering a reality:

Ceremony and reception: St. Mark’s Cathedral and the Farestart Cafe

Dress: Elizabeth Fillmore at Belltown Bride (Kelly LOVED working with Melissa there at the boutique!)

Rings: Shold Jewelry by artist Brian Shold

Flowers: Patty Schmitz

Adorable cake: New Renaisance Cakes

Music: by the very talented swanktastic DJ Leslie of Seattle Parties

Makeup: Michael Bride

Hair: Jaclyn @ 7 Salon

Honeymoon: Playa Del Carmen (MAN do I want to go there! I hear the greatest things…)

Favors: chocolates and a donation to Fare Start on behalf of the guests!