newborn baby photography on a sheepskin in a basket

Winter is here in Seattle. It means that weddings slow down and wedding photographers hibernate through the cold, kept warm by the glow of their computer screens as they update their portfolios and get caught up on clients’ albums.  I am so relieved to have survived one of the best years of my career as a wedding photographer and most exciting years for Get Hitched Give Hope. But mostly, I’m excited to reconnect with all of the images I captured this summer. When we get busy in the height of the summer shooting season, and get swirled in the vicious spin cycle of shoot-edit-shoot-edit-shoot-edit I rarely get to take a breath and just enjoy the moments, so here are a few from a sweet newborn photography session this August.

new parents cuddle their newborn baby photographed by seattle photographer laurel mcconnell

Shana and Nate are brand new parents- Nate called me just a couple of days after their little baby girl Talia was born. He was so excited, I can still remember chatting with him on the phone, wanting so badly to find a spot on my calendar to fit them in while she was still under a week old. Here she is, all shiny and new. And this model came loaded with wrinkles, newborn baby smiles, and extra sweetness.newborn baby girl looks so small next to her big daddy

black and white photography of baby and mom seattle photographer laurel mcconnell captures this new family in black and white

And MAN were these moments sweet. It was amazing to be in Shana and Nate’s home, sharing these first few moments with them. It can be a crazy time when your first baby is born, with all of the hospital hubbub and visitors. We just took a massively huge “time out” in life and sat quietly together to watch this little miracle take in her surroundings.color baby photography of new mom and newborn baby and dad in seattlebaby photography by laurel mcconnell photography in seattlewrinkly baby parts

I love how their massive king-sized bed dwarfs this little tiny bean. Amazing to of a tiny newborn baby on a bed

Oh, and no pressure…. but Shana is also an accomplished wedding photographer from the east coast. I was reeeheeeheeeally hoping I’d make her proud. It’s kinda a big deal to hand over the photography duties if you’re a photographer yourself. So thank you, Shana, for letting me in to document this fleeting time for you and Nate!!! It was a really great day for me. Seriously. 🙂