On a chilly fall day I met up with Rebecca and Glenn over in West Seattle at the Luna Park Cafe for some coffee.  Among the vintage signs, old amusement park souvenirs, and jukebox full of music from the good ol’ days, they shared with me the story about how they met back East (a great story having to do with friends and a party and some other details I won’t divulge here for the world to read, but how they got together was really funny and I’m glad they shared! ;).  After finishing a hummous plate and our coffees we gathered things up and headed outside to romp around Alki for some fun pictures.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding at the end of April at the Woodmark Hotel– they’re fun folks and they have some awesome vendors lined up which will make for a great day (Sweet Pea Events, Erin Skipley, Trophy Cupcakes).  Rebecca stopped by today (hiya lady!) to pick up their engagement guestbook, and she told me about their uber awesome favors, Glassybabies!!!!

Cheers to both of you!!


Backstory about the following image:  we all love a good weed picture.  What we don’t love is when we are all set up for said weed picture, when we notice a large spider just to our left, which of course, upon noticing said insect, will launch us about 150 feet backwards out of the weeds in a hurry, faster than you can say  “whoahhollycrapohmygoshbleepbleepbleep!”.  We, of course, being me, myself, and my camera.  Glad I kept it together somewhat for these two. 😉


“What in Sam’s name,” you may be asking, “are they doing?”  Glenn is a superstar-ex-gymnast-hand-stander.  And being a mere 6-foot-one-million inches tall, this is quite the awesome talent!