Hip Hip Hooray!!! We are looking for a fun, vibrant, and creative being to join our boutique photography studio in Seattle!!! We have so many projects on the back burner it’s driving us batty, so here begins our journey for finding Awesome Person Number Three, specializing in light, easy-peasy marketing and sales tasks!!

design, marketing, and sales associate help wanted for photography studio in seattle


  • Image distribution and submission (Fulfill image requests to vendors and editorial submissions)
  • Blog prep
  • Design: albums, marketing materials
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Social media promotion

Client Relations:

  • pre-formatting and sending client workflow emails, light client communication, and managing production checklists
  • online shopping cart management with promotions, sales, and maintenance
  • billing

Things you won’t have to do:

  • answer the phone
  • edit or retouch
  • fulfill print orders
  • get me coffee or pick up dog poop (I don’t even have dogs)
  • take pictures



  • Basic Photoshop and image handling knowledge (resizing, color space, cropping for web, etc)
  • Basic design knowledge (using Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign): layouts, graphics
  • Simple copywriting: ability to form full sentences void of any spelling or grammatical errors (apparently this is not a given, these days?)
  • Would be helpful if you had familiarity with: ShootQ, RedCart, Photojunction, Bridge, Apple operating systems



  • Thorough: double-checker, like measuring twice and cutting once
  • Driven: problem-solver and idea-haver
  • Industry knowledge, either in the wedding industry or photography industry. Gold star if both 😉
  • Quirky and fun personality a definite plus



  • 4 hours per week, in-studio, to start. Once we get to know each other better, you can work remotely if you’d like, take on more responsibilities if you want, and increase your hours to 8 or 12 per week.
  • You’ll need your own business license and will need to invoice me for your time (i.e. contractor status. don’t worry about being fancy, a word document works dandy!)
  • Note: This is not an internship or an opportunity to learn. It is a job opportunity to work with a flexible and fun boutique creative studio that welcomes custom music playlists, food truck field trips, and practical jokes.


Send an email showing us:

  • what you’ve got (i.e. resume, URL, etc. Woo us!!)
  • your hourly rate

to jobs AT mcconnellphoto DOT com along with your hourly rate. There is no closing date, we will search until we find the perfect addition to our little family 🙂 We ask for your forgiveness in advance, we’re not able to respond to each and every email incoming, but really really really appreciate your time and energy! Feel free to re-post this- we’ll update here when the position has been filled.

High fives, superstars!!!!