Wow. I never imagined that I would have this much fun.

Last week 10,000 photographers set out for the largest convention and trade show in our industry- WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International for all you non photo folks).  Speakers from all over the globe came to talk about their passions, strengths, and recount stories of past failures.  Share new ideas, push the bar in the industry to keep us all shooting better, faster, more artistic.  Me Ra Koh made me laugh, Yervant inspired me to watch old movies for cinematic inspiration, and Joe Buissink’s passion for what he loves made me cry (and about half the rest of the audience! Check out his new book documenting the lives of autistic families.  It is so touching, raw, and unprompted).  I got to have dinner with 20 fabulous photographers- fellow Seattle friends as well as celeb photographers like Matthew Jordan Smith and Robert Evans, swapped ideas with Santa Barbara boutique photogs Katie Moos and The Halbergs, and ordered breakfast in bed (after a night of realizing that I AM NOT supposed to gamble…) with my pal and sometimes assistant Victoria P. (why, oh why did two omelets cost $60?!?!!?)

Here are some of my favorite highlights:

-uber swanky suite that Dia Rao hooked us up with at the Paris Hotel (we had a bidet.  Not sure how to use it, but we had it!! Yuriy demo’ed it for us.)

-the late night parties sponsored by our vendors at super swank mansions and hotel suites (especially Blu Domain’s party at the famous guy’s mansion.  there were fake tattoos, monopoly money gambling, a hypnotist, and at 2 am the bouncers called the police on the party because they wanted to go home!!! Talk about party poopers! Michael Fort saved the day by thinking ahead and planning for a bus to pick up his closest friends!).  Erwin, where are the photobooth pictures?!?!?

-the fun night shoot that Ray & Andy (Fancy Fin Photography), Yuriy Manchik, and I did in front of the Bellagio and the Million Mile Mall

-one of my images being displayed in my canvas printer’s booth for EVERYONE too see

-the organized fashion shoot in the Red Rock Canyon with the folks from Trash The Dress and Don’t Box Us In with Erwin Wijanto, Bill Cawley, Victoria P, Jenna and John Karwoski, Steve Smith and Larry, and my pals Gerald and Airika Pope

I cannot wait until next year.  Fellow friends mark your calendars- Feb 14-19 at the MGM.  Let’s go earlier, stay longer, shoot more, and make some more awesome awesome memories.