Some of you know it as a “Trash The Dress Shoot.”  I like to call it “The Day After Session” with a bit of a fashion flair.

This last week while we were in Vegas for the WPPI conference, Steve, Bill & Erin, and I were lucky enough to have Amy and Bev indulge in our photographic whims while we dragged them all over Vegas’s famed Neon Boneyard Museum.  This is an AWESOME location that photographers look forward to booking shoots at every year come conference time.  It is where all of the neon signs of decades past (mostly circa 1950’s) go to retire their bulbs.  Sadly, it has been subject of entirely too much vandalism over the last few years- everything from graffiti to fire, but is still a unique place nonetheless (but it’s not a bad idea to be up on your teatanus shots before you go!!!).


A huge thanks to our showgirl Bev and my lovely friend and sometimes assistant Amy for getting all dolled up in the wee hours of the morning (check out her work, she’s got a great eye!), and a sincere thanks to Jodell at Bella Umbrella for trusting me with the newest addition to her vintage umbrella collection (it’s not even cataloged yet!)!

Contact us at info at mcconnellphoto dot com for info on your very own Day After Session.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be the day after your wedding, but it’s a great opportunity to get the portraits you couldn’t get on your wedding day!