I looooove the desert. If you know me well enough, you know that it reminds me of where I grew up. So when I heard about this Leavin’ Las Vegas shoot the last day of the WPPI conference, I was so in.

The folks that put a name to the Trash the Dress trend (you know, the fun day after sessions that we can have after your wedding, where we can do stuff and try things that we normally wouldn’t on the wedding day??) and people from Don’t Box Us In planned a day of fashion models and real brides in Nevada’s Red Rocks Canyon. We got to shoot alongside photographers such as Mark Eric, Jason Domingues, Tana Huffman, Sofie Louca from Amorphia Photography, John Michael Cooper, Mike Fulton from Tri Coast Photography, David Beckstead, and Anne Ruthmann.

Here is a video documenting the Leavin’ Las Vegas Shootout from Patrick Moreau and our cinematography friends at Still Motion.

We had such a great time (me and at least nine others from Seattle). Not only did we take home some awesome images, but we also got some fancy sunburn patterns, scratches from the cactuses (Gerald wins that contest, he sat on it just like in the old Warner Bros. cartoons!), lil miss hottie Jenna from JFK Photography modeled among the pros, and more fun memories from Vegas!

So… you current and former brides of mine, give me a jingle and we can plan some Day After shoots of our own in and around Seattle! Or heck, I’m up for a road trip to the desert if you are!!