We’re on Orcas Island right now, and we just got through shooting Ben & Aisling’s beautiful island wedding.

But first…just wanted to share with you guys who were following along with the tweets and facebook status updates… We did indeed, on a whim, board a whale watching boat while scouting some quirky locations for tonight’s wedding.  Little did we know it would be a four hour tour, taking us all the way to Canada!!!


It was a super rare sighting of a Super Pod- three pods combined to hunt as one.  It was estimated that 85 whales were in the vicinity.  The one above was doing a tale slap to stun the fish (but we like to think he was playing!).


I pesonally think that the kayaker pictured above was peeing his pants.  He was SO close to the two whales (there’s a fin just to the left of his boat)!!!


Mom and baby? What a treat.


One whale spy hopping, taking a looksee about!


Um, the Northwest is BEAUTIFUL. Right? Yep. The tallest fin belongs to a male.


Anyone see Shamu as a kid?


Wowsas.  Gorgeous.


And for good measure, an image of Bull Kelp.  it grows 8-12 inches PER DAY. This stuff is huge… the pods are the size of softballs!