Rain. It happens. Those of us from the Pacific Northwest are pretty accustomed to marching right along with the ever changing weather we live in; a few light layers of clothing and a rain jacket and we’re good to go. After all the trade off of dealing with a little rain is the gorgeous green that is right outside our doors. And what better place for a wedding ceremony than amongst the trees and fields and lakes and harbors we’re lucky enough to have in our backyards? Sometimes rain clouds shows up uninvited to the party and worrying about whether or not they’re going to open up on your big day can cause heart palpitations for even the coolest couples. Here’s the secret though…rainy day wedding ceremonies are no tragedy! Take a deep breath, grab an umbrella (or twenty), and a little drizzle can make for some of the sweetest, snuggliest, most beautiful ceremony moments (and photos).


Maureen and Andrew’s wedding ceremony at Old Chaser Farm is a perfect example! How pretty do all those umbrellas look against the green of Vashon Island?

Rainy ceremony with umbrellas.Rainy wedding day solutions.Guests watch wedding under umbrellas.Equally rad was Holly and John’s Roche Harbor wedding day. We loooooooove how the colors of the umbrellas make the colors of the flags in the harbor and the lilacs behind the couple pop.Roche Harbor rainy wedding day.Bride walks down aisle with umbrella.Couple says vows under umbrellas.Rainy day wedding ceremony.Couple comes down the aisle under an umbrella.Bride and groom exit ceremony under umbrella.

The key to a successful rainy day wedding ceremony is to be prepared. Having umbrellas on hand is always a good idea in our neck of the woods and Bella Umbrella has an unreal rental selection, so you don’t have to invest in a huge brelly collection.

A little insider trick of the trade, you know that little piece of fabric that wraps around the umbrella to snap it shut? Snap it together after you’ve opened your umbrella up and it won’t hang down where you can see it.