So…. when you’re gearing up to photograph a wedding early in the morning, yeah, it’s hard to wake up and put on your game face, after just downing 20 ounces of super hot coffee. But when it’s over at 4 and you’re home by 5, like “regular people,” you jump for joy and just don’t know what to do with yourself. Wedding photographers always have a bajillion things to do, but coming off the high of a great wedding with loving, excited people, just makes you eager to start downloading those gigabytes of images to share your favorites right away.

So here we go. Three favs from today. Can’t wait to share the rest of Lacey & Josh’s wedding at the Red Door (Fremont) and The Canal (Ballard) with you, not to mention all the other fantastic couples and images we’ve been working hard on the final edits for this shooting season.

Groomsmen with their breakfast beers at 10am at Fremont’s Red Door, where Lacey and Josh met.

Groomsmen at The Red Door in Fremont enjoying their breakfast beers.Bridesmaids with their pretty faces on at the Ballard Locks, in purple, roses, and feathers.bridesmaids with their pretty faces on, in the park, with purple dresses and feathers.

A daytime wedding exit with homemade confetti used as weapons. Well, not really, but made for a REALLY sweet exit photo. Love how they are stamped with a “P” for Lacey and Josh’s last name.

seattle wedding photographer captures exit of handmade confettiCongrats you two! More for you in a couple of weeks!