I adore the girl in these pictures. I’ve known her since she was in art school. She used to intern for me. Then shoot with me. And now she’s all grown up and has a booming photography business of her own. This is photographer Amy Kiel, and her super cute puppy (yes, this IS a puppy) Lucy. She’s a Great Dane, and she loves people watching at the park almost as much as we do.

picture of great dane dog and her photographer owner at sunset with lens flareoxfords hipster shoes and yellow flowers with dog pawsgirl laughing with her spotted dogphotograph of dog and owner cuddling and laughingLucy>Amy.

black and white photography of great dane on hill at gasworks parkA little jowling. And bubbles. We couldn’t ask for more.funny dog photos of great dane jowlinggreat dane dog and bubbles at gasworks park in seattlefine art photography of dog profile and tail black and white in seattle parkdog and oxfordsseattle photographer amy kiel and her great danedog photographer in seattle of dog and girl at gasworks park at sunsetsilhouette of dog at park in seattleseattle photographer amy kiel and her great dane

I think Lucy has 2 tricks. Speak and jump, and she does them both at the same time.dog tricks photographseattle photographer amy kiel and her great dane dog by laurel mcconnell photographyspotted dog and clouds

And how could we not take this opportunity to create the first ever Facedown:: Great Dane Style?! I mean, did you NOT see our video on CNN last week?! It’s kinda a thing. You should submit yours. We’re waiting….Facedown (like planking) of girl and dog at gasworks parkThank you Amy. You’re beautiful, funny, smart, a rockin’ photographer, and I love you. I’m so glad we crossed paths so many years ago, and I look forward to another many years as your pal! Cheers, girl!!!!


Tech Specs: these images were captured at sunset at Gasworks Park in Seattle just before the rain rolled in, using a Nikon D3, Nikon 24-70mm, and Nikon 35mm