Amber and Evan, oh how I love thee.  Let me count the ways:

1. You went on a sushi picnic with me when rain was threatening, and Evan, you gave the pesky seabird your extra wasabi. How generous are you?!


2. You wore your actual “wedding shoes” to our shoot. That’s right… his n’ hers Converse lowtops and hightops. Did you know they embroider?


C. You laid in goose poop for a nice shot. I secretly think you did that because I slipped in it and got it on my bare foot first and you wanted to make me feel better. (ha, totally joking. I think you did it because you knew it would be a cute shot. Had absolutely NOTHING to do with making me feel better!)



D. You acted all super cute/comfortable/rockstarish even though people were watching us while they were waiting for the locks to empty.  Tourists.  Whaddya do…. Act cute I guess!





5. You didn’t get scared when Georgetown security stared us down in the parking lot because we were technically on private property. You were game to keep shooting till they kicked us out. In it to win it, yesssssssireeee!



6. You took me to… where was it… White Center.  To a brewery.  And it was cool.  And I got a mini-tour.  And we had some nice brews to finish out the evening of your engagement pics. I heart Big Al AND his beer. You can tell him that, too.