I shot Barbie Hull.


We first met 11 years ago in our Editorial Photography class at the Art Institute. We were having a little fiesta (read: Ramey was tired of cracking the whip on us and gave us a day off) so he assigned us each to partner up and bring something for our little party. Lucky me, he paired us together, and I had no clue what I had gotten myself into. Fast forward 10 years, and here we are. We’ve conquered the Mexican public transportation system, refined the fine craft of prank-pulling, opened a non-profit together, coined a few REALLY silly terms that you might catch late at night on Twitter, laughed so hard we’ve thrown up a little, and have even spilled a few tears together (mostly were while laughing, HARD, and mostly after those aforementioned pranks).  You see, not only do we consider each other colleagues, have built our businesses side by side (the hard way), and lean on each other for advice and new challenges, but we’re kinda really good friends, too.


So, when Barbie called me one late afternoon for a very special favor, I was excited to help her out. She needed a head shot, STAT- for a book for The Crave Company toting some of Seattle’s fav women business owners. Little did I know that just a few months later I’d call up the very same favor of her, but you’ll have to wait just a little while longer to find out what it is for!  You can see the images from my head shot session here-didn’t she make me look nice? She’s pretty good at that in case you haven’t gathered, wink wink! (really, she’s a fan.tas.tic wedding photographer in Seattle, WA).


undefinedShe’s SUPER at making funny faces. I think hers is made out of Flubber.undefined

I feel like this next series needs a little pre-explanation. You see, I don’t think my ol-buddy-ol-pal likes dogs all that much. We were setting up for some nice late afternoon pictures in the sun on the grass, and I spotted a happy-go-lucky Poodle (or what have you) loping alongside it’s owner on his bike on the bike path. The dog spotted us, as we were within licking height, and made a b-line straight for the completely unaware Barbie for a run-by-licking, while I was poised and ready for the series to unfold. Sorry Barbie…. I just couldn’t help myself 🙂undefinedA shoot with Barbie isn’t complete without a facedown. This one is on the DNA Bridge (my fav!) off of Westlake Ave in Seattle.

undefinedAnd these last two- not great images or anything, but our attempt at self-timer-couple-photos (these are the polite ones, anyway). Love you girl, and so proud of our journey together! I cherish your friendship and support, and can’t wait for the next big prank……undefined