November was the month that beautiful Miles Mikhail was born. After documenting Molly’s growing belly, she and Mikhail invited me back to their home when it was time to photograph their first baby- their new son. Our first session was on a chilly wintery day in November- we wanted to capture Miles as a newborn so that we could make some gorgeous, gorgeous announcements (they’re stunning, I should post about those, too!). After a few scheduling snaffus (ahhh the snow in the foothills can be a bit of a challenge sometimes!) I finally made it over. With a newborn, you really have to go with the flow when you’re shooting. Every couple of minutes something new happened, whether it was time for a bottle or a new diaper! Here are some of our favorite shots from the day- I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown at our next session here in a week or so! (and can you believe it! The last shot is nicknamed “The Shooter!!” Now we’ll be ready for next time- feed the baby and put on the rain gear immediately!!!)071209_0058.jpg071209_0059.jpg071209_0062.jpg071209_0065.jpg071209_0077.jpg071209_0083b.jpg071209_0128.jpg071209_0140b.jpg071209_0146.jpg071209_0149b.jpg071209_0153.jpg071209_0169b.jpg071209_0124.jpg