Alexandra and her family are so excited. The countdown has begun to the arrival of baby number photographer in seattle little girl telling her mom's belly a storyI feel like I’ve grown up with this family. Not because we hang out all the time, but because they’re one of the most delightful, artistic, thoughtful, and caring families on the face of this planet. Alexandra’s dad is my college roommate’s (Sarah) big brother.  I have some really fond memories of going to their home up in Bellingham to visit their mom and dad when we were in college, it was always fun for us girls to take little “road trips home.” And then I got to be there to document Sarah’s wedding when she married her best friend Tom. Even though we’ve lost touch these last couple of years, our paths have crossed again – in all of the neighborhoods in Seattle, we happened to live in the same one. So, to see their family growing so beautifully again and to be able to document it… well… it’s truly amazing.

I love this next image probably more than any other editorial family frame I’ve ever shot. These two sure do know how to laugh, and it’s quite clear they share a very special & white family photography of a happy father + daughter giggling on the bed, editorial family photographyStory-time is one of their favorite activities together. This girl sure can spin a great tale. Sometimes they include photographers, cameras, and maracas. (I know, right? She comes from really smart stock 😉family photographer in seattle captures mother, father, kid feet in b&w on the bed

I think this may be baby’s official “first portrait.” Momma is just beautiful, isn’t she? Congratulations and much love! Good luck this month!!!black and white maternity photography, seattle photographer


Tech Specs: these belly and family images were captured at home in Seattle using a Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70mm, and Nikon 35mm.