Most new families begin long before a human child is brought home from the hospital.

I remember growing up hearings stories about Rhea, Charlie, and Sunny. Charlie and Sunny were my parents’ first babies… “the cats.” Burmese cats to be exact. I speculate that once my mom & pops got comfortable enough with “the cats,” they moved up the ladder of responsibility to “the dog.”

Enter Rhea, the fluffy aloof afghan. Once they thought they’d mastered “the dog,” along came “the baby.” (that was me!!)

Imagine being the baby of the family, and then your parents, er, masters bring home a new smelly loud creature that gets 95% of their energy, cooing, care, and doting. Sure, there’s still time and love for you, the FIRST baby, but now it’s the NEW baby that gets to ride in the car all the time.

So, this post is dedicated to all of the “first babies” out there, and my sincere apologies go out to the long-ago-passed-on Rhea, Sunny, and Charlie for being the stinky loud attention hog! I will ALWAYS be the 4th child to you, even if my parents considered me their 1st!