Alrighty, hold yer horses. Calm down and read on!

In my travels and conversations over the last year with other photographers and casual friends, one thing always seems to make itself into every conversation: Cupcake Thursday.

I love that readers stop in each Thursday, in hopes that they’ll catch some images from our somewhat (okay, hardly!) regular photography series of poppy photography and mouth watering descriptions of scrumptious sweet cakes. I’ve even heard that when the CT post is delivered to some inboxes via subscription, a certain someone/sometwo celebrates with their own version, Champagne Thursday (or were you just pulling my leg, Rubin?). I think next time I’m comin’ to YOUR place.

So here it is.

A challenge for you. On my birthday ;).

I want to see YOUR version of the ideal Cupcake Thursday post and image, and we’ll post the winner here! Here’s how it goes:

  • Shoot a cupcake. Conceptual or Real. Store bought or Homemade. Shoot people enjoying the cupcake. The cupcake dressed up and in a far off land, gnome-style. The cupcake in all it’s beautiful frostitious glory. Pretty much any interpretation of what YOU would do for YOUR Cupcake Thursday as long as it’s legal and awesome and entertaining. I wanna see your creativity, your ingenuity, your mad photo skillz.
  • You can be a hobbyist, pro, or an amateur. Don’t worry if you don’t have super expensive top of the line pro photo gear. We won’t put much weight on technical ability 🙂
  • A group of our cupcake-obsessed-photography-loving-peers will independently choose their favorites based on creativity, concept, and execution.

“What’s in it for me?” you ask? We’ll publish an entire CT post with your image and the method behind your photographic madness. Or your recipe. Or your review on your cupcake experience.

Oh, and you’ll win one of the industry’s favorite processing and production products, the BRAND SPANKIN NEW TOTALLY RAD ACTION PRESETS FOR LIGHTROOM!!!!

Here’s how you can enter!

  • Submit your photo to info (at) mcconnellphoto (dot) com, with the largest dimensions being 700 px wide or tall as a jpg all ready to post.
  • Share a little description- method behind the madness, inspiration, technique, photo recipe, baking recipe, cupcake baker’s name, etc.
  • Must be submitted by Feb 25th at midnight-ish. Winners will be posted on March 4th.

Alrighty, happy conceptualizing, story boarding, prop shopping, and shooting!!!!  I can’t WAIT to see what you guys deliver to my happy lil’ inbox!