Last week I was eagerly awaiting Junebug Weddings’ big announcement. Their site was getting a fresh coat of paint, they were adding a WHOLE NEW BLOG devoted to the beautiful wedding imagery they are gifted to see on a daily basis, and they were unveiling their extremely exclusive list of the best photographers worldwide.

Much to my surprise, they were also launching this season’s Fashion Report– a pictorial about their favorite trends and ideas in the bridal world. This time, it was focused on what else but Beautiful Brides, and I was elated to see an image I made of gorgeous Brittany (a kickass wedding invitation designer, by the way!). This photograph was taken on a shoot I led during last year’s Open Source Photo photography conference here in Seattle (OSPW), and is one of my all-time favs. This shoot acted as a post-wedding fashion session for Brittany, where we captured some of her awesome bridal style that her wedding day photographer couldn’t as we romped around Seattle’s Post Alley, Pioneer Square, Waterfront, and Pike Place Market.

Laurel McConnell Photography's image of a bride laughing and  wearing a birdcage veil was published in an article about Beautiful  Brides for Junebug Weddings

I adore images of people laughing. I truly believe that people look their most beautiful (and handsome!) when laughter is present. A smile can say so many things. My number one goal during a wedding is to keep the environment light and happy (unless it’s sweet and sappy, of course!),  that everyone is having a good time (even if it’s at the expense of a certain photographer’s pride :). I mean, afterall, weddings are for celebrating. Laughing. Loving. Right? Right. Now go make -or be in- some “HappyBeautiful” images!!!