At this year’s Get Hitched, Give Hope, we were lucky enough to snag Flipped Out Productions as one of our generous sponsors.  If you haven’t heard of these guys, or experienced their product, checking out their services is a MUST when planning your wedding or next event. Their product is unique, fresh, and quite the little souvenir!

Here’s how it goes: similar to a traditional photo booth, they come and set up a white backdrop, big light, video camera, printing station, and touch screen. Josh (the owner) brought a bunch of silly fun props to set the mood: oversized glasses, guitars, boas, hats, signs, and microphones, and I’m sure you could bring your own if you were throwing a themed party. What makes it NOT like your traditional photobooth: he takes a 7 second video of you and your pals jumping, singing, fighting, staring, etc, and within just a couple of minutes (seriously, like TWO), a sweet little book is printed, hot off the press, for you to take home as a favor!!

Check out the silly little video I made and edited (I’m SO going to be a videographer now…. jokes!) with just a FEW of the books I walked away with (yes, sorry… I spent the whole night there, they all have my goofy face in them. I think I ended up with a purse full of 9 books or so…. thanks Josh!!).

Cheers! And happy wedding planning!!