The start of a New Year. Resolutions. Goals. Promises.

Here’s a REALLY easy thing to cross off your list of goals for 2010 whether you’re a photographer, planner, accountant, or dogwalker: back up your data online.

Case study: a relative of mine. To protect the innocent, let’s call her…. um…. Scmillary.  Her personal laptop has a virus, and she and her husband have something like 30 gigabytes in songs locked away on that computer. Because of the virus they can’t get them off without spending hundreds (or thousands!!) to rescue the motherboard.

If they were to fall into a magic-black-hole-time-warp and sign up for automatic online backups through Backblaze (or Mozy, or Carbonite, or any of the other fantastically easy solutions out there) they could restore their computer via downloading the data or having the company send a hard drive on over.

We have Backblaze installed on all of our computers here at the studio. Here’s the lowdown:

  • it backs up external hard drives, as well as the one inside your computer already
  • it works on PC OR Mac
  • it backs up your data automatically and the user interface couldn’t be simpler
  • it only backs up new/changed files so the backups are quick once you’ve completed your initial backup
  • you can choose what you DON’T want it to back up
  • it’s unlimited (and we photographers have A LOT of data)
  • they have a FREE trial, and beyond that it’s only $50 per year.
  • if you need your data, you can pick and choose what you want to download or they can send you a hard drive. I found this handy when I was working off site and needed a file from my office desktop; it was ready to download in just a few minutes.

If you have a large amount of data, online backups WILL take a long time for the initial data transfer (you can pause it whenever you’d like, or set it to only back up while you’re sleeping so it doesn’t tie up your internet). January is a great time start your catalog backup if you’re a wedding photographer in Seattle… then by the time you’re pumping out 60 gigs in a weekend come June you should be all caught up and ready to go!

It only takes like 5 minutes to get it started, so go do it and cross it off your list of things to do in 2010!!! (and then leave me a comment so I know if you did! I just HATE hearing my friends’ sob stories after their data is lost due to a virus or crash!!)