I just realized I never posted these! Woopsies….


Last month, our beautiful city of Seattle hosted OSPW, a conference for photographers. A few of my friends (hi Steve and Shannon and Bill and Lori and everyone!) were the lucky organizers- I ended up leading a few shoots, finding models, and teaching some off-camera lighting.

Check out my super spunky clients Keenan and Dave workin’ it in Post Alley… I love this light.


These images come in the form of a very popular post-wedding phenomenon, the Trash The Dress shoot. I mean geez, you spend HOW MUCH on your wedding dress, just to wear it ONCE? So enter our version of the TTD session, we lovingly call it The Day After Session. Ingredients: one bride, one groom, a fabulous pair of shoes or two, maybe some props, a few pretty/gritty/funky locations not available on your wedding day, and viola.  A saucy fashion-inspired portrait session, with a hint of sass.



If your wedding pictures were oh-so-long ago, they didn’t turn out as you had hoped, or your photographer flubbed it (like miss Brittany here), then this is a great chance to get dressed up again and let your inner fashionista out to play.  And bring the boy, too….


Not only is Brittany the most comfortable little lady in front of the camera ever (and a gorgeous one at that!), but she’s a fabulously talented graphic designer and invitation maker as well!  Check her at at Dolce Design!




Thank you, Brittany, Keena, and Stacey, for being our patient models and puttin’ it allll out there for the whole city to see!! xoxo!

Another special thanks to Brady Woo of BoConcept for inviting us to shoot inside his gorgeously hip furnishings store in Pioneer Square! Next time you’re planning a party and need a location, or you are in the market for some awesome/urban/sleek/modern furnishings, skip on down to their store.  You won’t be disappointed…

If you’d like to book a Day After Session, give us a jingle- weekends and evenings are filling up as the sunshine is coming out of hibernation for the summer, so leave plenty of time to plan for your shoot!