Happy 2009!  Hope everyone’s New Year’s Eve was fulfilling and fun!!  Do you all have your NY resolutions set already??  Mine is to keep my head on straight and stay focused, accomplishing more of my goals this year than ever thought possible (I swear I’ve got a mild form of ADHD!! Or maybe that I just get too excited about ideas and have so many of them that any sane and normal person would never finish them all either?  You tell me!).

I spent my New Year’s Eve (along with my second shooter/editor/assistant/office manager Lily- hi Lily!- and Holly Kate from Sweet Pea Events) at a most fabulous wedding- Dave and Keenan had the party of the year at Pravda in Capital Hill.  There was dancing, hotdogs, a road-dog, invisible double dutch, our photobooth, a 3 minute 48 second ceremony (seriously!! it was AWESOME!), Wii boxing (ooh my arms are sore…), and Top Pot donuts stacked so so high!  More on that later, but just wanted to sneak them a peek of my two fav images from the day (well, so far anyway.  We haven’t even loaded all 2700 images into Lightroom yet to edit!).

Enjoy, Keenan and Dave!  Thank you so much for inviting us all into your lives for this fabulous celebration: we all had a GREAT time!!!