Here is a wedding planner and event designer that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. I worked with miss Keri Cooper for the first time just this last September at Casey and Suzi’s chic Port Gamble wedding. Everything flowed flawlessly, and there were fun, personal touches everywhere. I can’t decide which I liked the best- the basket of blankets with the “take one and snuggle” sign on it, or the “well wishes jar” where the bride and groom’s friends and family could write notes of love and hopes for Casey and Suzi to read later.A couple of months ago I got to hang out with Keri in Seattle’s artsty community of Fremont (coincidentally-or not-where my office is!). I got to snap some fun pictures of her, in hopes that I could really capture her bubbly personality. And I’m so excited to say that she’s included one of my fav’s on the update of her website- check out some of her favorite weddings from her successful 2007 season at! And stay tuned for her blog to be unveiled soon!071116_0036.jpg