Last summer I was honored to shoot Pam and Steve’s crazy fun military wedding on Fort Lewis. At the beginning of last month I got an unexpected phone call from Pam: Steve has been on assignment in Afghanistan, and was coming home for a way-too-short 18 days. She wanted to forever remember the moment that she saw him for the first time at the airport, and asked if I would accompany her there to photograph his homecoming- I was so elated to be invited into such a wonderful and sweet moment, I couldn’t wait. Day by day we waited until we got word that he was going to arrive at 5:03 pm on the 27th of September, and then the day finally came. We waited in the airport by the baggage claim for an eternity, watching the minutes tick by on the clock. Pam’s emotions were as plain as the grin on her face- she hadn’t seen Steve in months, and being a newlywed, that’s an eternity. We finally saw his uniformed shoulder rounding the corner, and the exhausted look on his face was swiftly replaced by happiness, then relief. He’d been awake and traveling for four days, airport to airport, and finally was home. Kleenex anyone?steveshome.jpg