wedding photographer in seattle Laurel McConnell captures this engaged couple on a boat

I was so excited for Ashley and Chad’s trip back to Seattle for their engagement shoot! We had planned and schemed via email, from Seattle to New York, and in the end threw all of our plans out the window for a fun little boat ride across Lake Union, right in the heart of Seattle. Ashley in her cute Anthropologie dress and Chad in the most cliche boating outfit he could gather up (yay Chad!), we were off for a little tour. I think it was three. A three hour tour, in fact…. 😉 (are you singing it with me?) I ADORE this series.

Seattle wedding photographer Laurel McConnell shoots this couple playing on a dingy in Lake Union

Seattle wedding photographer Laurel McConnell photographs this couple playing on a rowboat in a lakeAs we were joking, laughing, splashing, and sniffling (because it was a little chilly), Chad navigated us through the lake’s busy waters among all of the fishing boats, sailboats, and rowers in canoes.

undefinedundefinedSeattle has some amazing house boats, the most famous was in Sleepless in Seattle. It’s around the corner to the left of the Fremont Bridge (below). This is our take on American Gothic, a la dingy.undefinedundefinedundefined

And lastly, some images for the land lubbers. A quick change of clothes for dinner, and we were able to capture just a few more cuddles and adoring sweet looks on the shores of South Lake Union.

undefinedundefinedI’m super excited to see what these two cutie pies have in store for their wedding this summer at Sodo Park. Holly-Kate Foss from Sweet Pea Events has been on board since moment one, and the design wheels are a busily turning over there! Congrats you guys, and until August!!


Tech Specs: these images were captured in South Lake Union just before the rain rolled in, using a Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70mm, Nikon 35mm, and Nikon 70-200.