My career is the most happening in the summer, on weekends, and on evenings. Most concerts, vacations, camping trips, parties, and festivals are also in the summer, on weekends, and on evenings. So this doesn’t really leave me all that much time for my own social life, UNLESS, we plan waaaay ahead and snatch up any spare weekend I’ve got for ourselves. Last year, we never got to go camping (because it took me a while to catch on to this “planning ahead” concept!), but this year we blocked out an entire weekend two or three months in advance for the First Annual Ocean Shores Campout. Jonny, Amber, Aileen, Ginger and I all headed out to Ocean City State Park for campfires, sand, sun, and smores.
What a weekend! The second day we were there, my trusty Subaru had it’s own interpretation of Old Faithful spewing out from under the hood, coolant shooting everywhere! So… while leaving my lovely little red at the town mechanic, we decided to explore, and ended up buying stunt kites and flying them in the warm sunshine!! The little town shop where we bought our kites is owned by none other than the chamion of stunt kite flying! There will be a few competitions between now and October- we may just drive back there for round two! Now, don’t think I’m a huge nerd here, but it’s so much fun! You can divebomb each other (and their kites) and do fun stunts-we can’t wait to fly them here in Seattle once it gets windier.
The third day we got caught in buckets of rain while beachcoming, and ended up sandy, cold, and absolutely drenched! We saw tons of creatures (jellyfish, sea ray, fish, a dog, and a pack of horses) and even found out what was making those little holes in the sand- shrimp!!! (shrimp on the barbie anyone??)
Now that we’re all back in town, safe and sound, cars running smoothly, and sand washed out of our hair, we can’t wait to go back next year!