If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll remember the recent engagement shoot of Inhee and Jisu up at Kerry Park in Seattle. On July 21st they had their ceremony and reception at the Embassy Suites right up in Lynnwood. There were so many fun nooks and crannies to shoot in here, I couldn’t believe it! And can you tell that it was raining all day? This hotel has a totally skylit atrium, which makes for PERFECT light, even if it happens to be pouring outside. Inhee loved this atrium because it was so green and beautiful with the koi ponds, that she didn’t need to add any decor at all.

We started out the day early early in the morning at the super chic Kristovich Loft in the Lake Union Neighborhood. (I love my stylist, Karen, who is also Inhee and Jisu’s stylist! Everyone at Kristovich is so incredibly fun… if you’re looking for a fresh look or even day-of makeup or styling, call the Loft!!!). Next we were off to Inhee’s makeup artist’s cute neighborhood shop for makeup, and finally, we arrived at the hotel to get ready. I loved being there for Inhee and Jisu’s wedding- they’re so laid back and so loved by their friends and family, that even though the ENTIRE ceremony AND reception was in Korean, it was easy to follow what was going on with all the laughter and tears and toasts and shouts of “BONSAI!!” Congrats you guys!