They did it! Another pair of friends of ours has gone and tied the knot! A few weeks ago one of my best pals, Barbie, and I shot some fun engagement portraits of our friends Philippe and Shannon (see the shoot HERE). A few weeks ago (okay, I’m SO behind on blogging!) they had a very elegant ceremony at the DAR House in Capital Hill, with their reception to follow at the Tyee Yacht Club. The event was a beautiful blend of Shannons stylish eye and Philippe’s natural and environmental awareness. It was a typical fall Seattle day, raining right from the start. But being the planner that she is, Shannon arranged to have vintage Bella Umbrellas in browns and greens delivered to use as props, while the boys got to use regular golf umbrellas that went quite well with their khaki suits (a little more manly than the frou frou parasols!!).
During the ceremony, the groomsmen played quite the prank on Philippe and Shannon- there was a little snaffu getting their custom designed rings over from the artist who resides on the coast of WA, and they had gotten temporarily lost in the mail. Well, when it came time for the ring exchange, each of the groomsmen checked his pockets, shrugged, then looked to the next to see if they had it. I’m sure the talented Jeremy Leffel caught the expressions on their faces (he was the “official” photog since we were supposed to be there as guests)!
I couldn’t believe my eyes at the reception- there was so much detail and thought put into it. The cakes were GORGEOUS (and damn good, too!), the tables were beautiful, the favors were throughtful trees that we could take home and plant, and the caramel covered apples made my night. And the afterparty? So fun. Even though we were all exhausted, we piled into a few cars and went to The Garage for some brews and bowling till we couldn’t walk straight anymore (not cause of the brews, but cause those dang heels we ladies like to wear to fancy schmancy events!)