The other day, a bride asked me a great question: what does a proof book look like?

There are probably fifty different ways that you can show your clients their images between projection, online proofing, paper proofs, and proof books, not to mention that there are a ton of different companies and styles. Luckily for her, we were here in my office, so I just spun around and yanked a couple of my books off the shelf to show her. Luckily for you, my latest one, which boasts a new cover style, arrived today, so here are a couple of shots just to show you what your proof book COULD look like. I offer proof books to all of my brides and grooms so that you have a physical version in addition to your proofs online- this way you don’t have to carry your laptop everywhere you go 😉

These are just a tease for the next step when we design your final album with big images that wow…