I’m a little behind on some of my blogging topics, I admit. I had planned on writing this little blurb since Aaron and I last worked together in April, but of course, with the busy season here I end up spending my days chatting with clients and working on their images, pushing all of my fun blogging topics further and further behind. So, now as I wait for an album order to upload to the printers, here I am FINALLY writing this!!

Introducing: Aaron Horton Productions, fabulous wedding videographers extraordinaire.

Who they are: Jana Horton (the voice behind the emails and phone calls) and Aaron Horton (the talent behind the camera)

First project ever: Aaron’s [really bad] ski movie for a middle school class project. I’m sure at the time, to a 13-year old, it rocked 😉
History: after the first movie, and after highschool, Aaron found himself in Canada at the famous Vancouver Film School. Past projects include Punch Drunk Love (with Adam Sandler- love that guy!), the TV series 24, and numerous production assisting gigs.

How I know them: I first met Aaron years ago at a gorgeous Jewish wedding at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island. I remember talking with the mother of the groom later on, a few months after the wedding, and when I asked how the video turned out, I heard nothing but the most bubbly praise. It was then that I knew that I had to recommend him to my brides, and sure enough, we’ve been lucky enough to work together since then! The latest was at Jen & Kevin’s wedding this April, check out his highlight video of the day HERE!

Their approach: Aaron and Jana take a personality-driven approach to videography. Every event is a blank slate, and they like to create a memoir that is specific to their clients’ tastes. Using their client’s music, fonts, and fine details, a highly personalized video is born that can be anything from romantic to classy to edgy (while of course, avoiding the latest fads that will eventually date the video even more than that seafoam green bridesmaid dress with the huge shoulder pads 😉

The thing they’re most excited about this summer: The new direction of video is high def. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, unless of course you’ve been hiding under a rock. The format is larger than standard video, giving the viewer a much crisper, higher resolution viewing experience in a wide screen format, especially if they have one of those fancy dancy new ginormous tv’s 😉
Check out their website and videos at www.aaronhortonproductions.com