Now that Christmas has passed, I think I can talk about these, I’m pretty sure that I won’t ruin any surprises!
For Christmas, Carrie was so thoughtful- she had me design her some coffee table books for her bridesmaids from her summer wedding.  Her bridesmaids are her best friends, who she’s known since the beginning of time (okay, slight exaggeration, but you know how important your bridesmaids are to you and how long you’ve known them… same here!).  Such a sweet and thoughtful gift, a really fun way for the girls to remember the wedding weekend. 
Each book shares the same cover design, but the insides were tailored individually to the girls, which included some of Carrie’s favorite moments.  She loved the cute size of the 7×7″ books, although the compact 5×5″ ones would make such cute purse books (I have yet to design one for my office!)

Here is a link to the highlights from Carrie’s wonderful summer wedding at Semiahmoo Resort in case you missed it the first time!!  “LINK!”