You know, over the past couple of years, I’ve been having more and more clients come to me asking about doing a shoot for their groom-to-be or for Valentine’s Day or for their husband’s birthday, and now I’m hearing that there’s a buzz going around on The Knot message boards about these “boudoir shoots.” So I’m finally putting a name to the idea- Let’s call it the “Sexy Shoot.”We start with a theme- “pinup” or “bedroom glam,” “famous movie or poster,” or “mod hotel room” and run with it. It’s a fabulous opportunity to give your man (or woman!!) some great, intimate images that he’ll just love- just imagine the look on his face when you give him a professionally printed book all about YOU on your wedding night!!Here’s some great shots from recent shoots that we’ve done! Just remember, if you’re getting married soon and would like to give him “a book of you” on your wedding night, or you’re aiming for the “wow factor” for Valentine’s Day, we need plenty of time to plan the shoot and process the images, so contact me now and make an appointment!! Shoots range from $235 to 595, and some include fabulous AsukaBooks and print credits!sexy1.jpgsexy2.jpgsexy7.jpgsexy3.jpgsexy4.jpgsexy8.jpgsexy9.jpgsexy5.jpgsexy6.jpgAnd P.S….. these AREN’T porn shoots folks… just sassy clothing-optional sexiness!